The Minneapolis and St. Paul school districts spend over $18,000 per student.

What do we get for those dollars?

Plus, student safety is a major concern.

Every child deserves the opportunity to learn. Make this a reality for your child with an education grant worth around $12,000.

Support education grants for Minneapolis and St. Paul public school students today!

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For too long, students — particularly students of color — have been left behind in the Minneapolis and St. Paul school districts.

It’s far time to empower parents of these school-age children to choose the learning environment that will meet their needs by removing the financial barriers keeping them from doing so.

Education grants

With an education grant, you can apply around $12,000 toward non-public school tuition and approved education services including transportation, tutoring, curriculum, educational therapies, and tuition at a postsecondary institution, to name a few.

How it works

Once available, you will fill out an application for the grant program and get access to a portion of your taxpayer dollars to then use on pre-approved education services. The grant program is voluntary and is designed to be tax neutral. It does not impose changes to public education. Local and federal dollars remain at your neighborhood public school, and the school is relieved of the costs associated with having your student in the school.

Parental involvement and accountability is the solution.

Education cannot be the great equalizer if financial barriers limit who can access better outcomes for their children. The solution is an education grants program that allows families’ taxpayer dollars to be used to fully individualize their children’s education. Access to a quality education should not just be for the rich.

It starts with you.

All students in the Minneapolis and St. Paul school districts must have equal access to a quality education that will meet their individual learning needs. We need your help showing our state leaders that Minnesotans of every racial and economic demographic want Minnesota to join numerous other states that prioritize students over systems.

The movement for parental empowerment starts right here in the Minneapolis and St. Paul school districts. Education is a civil right, and parents’ ability to choose the best educational opportunity for their children has been impeded by financial barriers for far too long.

Sign your name in support of legislation that gives tax-paying families in the Minneapolis and St. Paul school districts access to a quality education through an education grants program.

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